Is Cloud based backup taking over the industry?

Is cloud-based backup taking over the backup industry?

There are very simple concise answers why remote based backup has become the number one method for businesses to securely protect their data.

But first, let’s look at the problem.

The majority of all a companies documentation production is now stored electronically in the form of data created by its users. This data could be accounting, sales, or manufacturing related. It may be in the form of databases, documents, and more.  Smart business owners will store this data on a secure central server where it is backed up daily.

Historically businesses have used either a tape backup system or an external storage device such as a NAS.

Tape drives were the staple of business backups. The software that rom They were somewhat automated – they required tapes be changed daily or backups did not run. Tapes fill and old backups are overwritten.  Larger backups required multiple tapes. Tapes wear out and required replacement annually. You never knew if the tape had gone bad and your data was safe. Tapes were generally kept in the same location as the data. Therefore, if there was an event such as flood, fire or theft then the data could be permanently lost. The software was static, if needed updates you paid for them.

External storage devices such as a NAS are less common. Although the NAS is more reliable than a tape, it suffers from many of the same flaws when protecting your company.

The right Cloud-based backup resolves all of these issues. Backups are automated, and require no user intervention. The backup application is updated automatically. Data is kept in a secure off-site location. The transmission of data is encrypted and the data integrity is verified at the destination to ensure the backups are successful.  The cost is predictable and in line with what companies typically invest in a tape system.

In reality cloud-based backup is superior to traditional on-site backup in most every way.

What are the weaknesses of a cloud-based solution? They require a stable, high-bandwidth internet connection. Initial backup or restore of large volumes of data can take time.

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